A bit of this & that on a stormy Monday…

Something funny for a not so sunny day.

Aled Lewis // Toy Stories is a hilarious series about inanimate toys. It’s part of his Make Something Cool Everyday project. Awesomely clever!

via The Donut Project


not JUST a video

DEB ROY : a birth of a word TED video is fascinating and mind boggling. What were my first words??


simply genius

what more can you ask for? a desktop stand that holds all of your gadgets… & doesn’t look cheesy. Unfortunately, this is only a project done by a 19-year old art student from Art Center College of Design in L.A. His project, polyply was a brilliant idea to organize the mess these endless apple gadgets seem to be causing on people’s desk. He calls it his “quick 2 week long project,” okay, I say, “come organize my office. Thanks :)”

simply the smartest


a piece from my memory

circa 2010 // rainy winter calls for some driving through double rainbows.

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